Web consultant with main focus on free publishing tools. You get your own profile and your own features for your website that does not cost more than the time spent producing it.

Nowadays, almost exclusively Content Management Systems (CMS) are used, most of which are open source and free of charge. The most competent system is Joomla CMS which I prefer. The possibilities for both design and functionality are largely unlimited.

In addition to Web site construction, I have skills for web programming (PHP, Javascript, ASP, HTML, SQL), system design and project management web and systems. Databases and database design, macro programming (Office products), VBA and App programming and more.

The list of completed assignments as a performer or project manager is long. An selection of completed assignments is listed under the References tab.

To keep track of and manage valuable consulting time, a separate, flexible time-accounting system has been developed. Over time, it has become a smaller business system and fits consultants extremely well. Simple, adaptable and flexible.

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